Project details

Project Value: £6.5m

Contract: JCT Design and Build

Role: Cost Consultant, Quantity Surveyor

Project Description

Redevelopment of the existing Maltby Grammar School campus to create a mixed-use, flexible complex providing a new sixth form centre for Maltby Academy, a facility that would also support training and lifelong learning courses, bookable workspaces and meeting rooms and the Trust’s central services, capable of meeting the aspirations of the community, culturally and educationally delivering outstanding experiences and opportunities for all.


Project Challenges

The challenge was to involve and advise an inexperienced Client throughout the construction process to ensure they knew how to achieve the Government’s Levelling Up funding budget. This involved extensive value management of the design.


Synergies with Loughborough College

  • High quality of teaching and learning spaces
  • Implementing sustainability and innovation
  • Ensuring that all aspects of the specialist school needs were met
  • Engaging with several Stakeholders and managing their requirements


Providing Added Value

  • Advising and supporting the project team to achieve value management
  • Management of design processes and contract mechanisms
  • Total financial control of all aspects of the scheme
  • Tracking cost against tight programme and handover
  • Implementation of a procurement and tender strategy to suit the delivery timescales



As the project is still progressing through the design stages, we have successfully mitigated all risks and worked to a tight programme and budget with our client, who had no previous procurement/construction knowledge, to ensure the project remains on track to proceed to tender.